Eye Care Services

Eye Care Services

Eye Care Services

Eye Care Services

Eye Care Services

Comprehensive Eye Exam

An Eye Examination at Skowron Eyecare

Constant investment in the latest technology makes eye exams easier and more accurate for everyone from toddlers to seniors, usually without the inconvenience of dilation. Over the past fifteen years, in three separate reviews by a leading consumer magazine, we were rated one of the best in Chicagoland with a consistent 90% overall patient satisfaction rating.

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Geriatric Eye Exam

Mobility problems with our most senior citizens are not an issue at Skowron Eyecare. We have a dedicated room designed for wheelchair eye exams. A portable autorefractor and slit lamp enable exact prescriptions and evaluation for those who either sit very low or are hunched over in their wheelchairs.

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Pediatric Eye Exam
Contact Lenses
LASIK Co-management

Dr. Skowron and some staff are still very pleased with the LASIK procedure performed on them over 20 years ago. "For anyone who has struggled with poor vision for a long time, it is a life-changing experience. Because I and some of the staff have had the procedure done, we feel we can do a better job in advising our patients regarding LASIK surgery.

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Eye Conditions

Hypertensive Retinopathy
Chronic blood pressure at 150/90: Lighter vessel at 12:00 pinches off the underlying vessel

Severe Retinopathy
from Blood pressure of 260/160. The patient was sent to ER. The patient survived but was days to hours away from a stroke or death.

Corneal Abrasion
from sleeping in contact lenses

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Emergency/Urgent Eyecare

Same-day emergency appointments are available for the following conditions:

Spots and/or Light Flashes inside the eye:

The conditions below cause the same symptoms. Prompt treatment is the most important factor in preventing vision loss.

  • Retinal Detachment (RD) could cause blindness

  • Retinal Tear which can lead to an RD

  • Vitreous Detachment (totally benign)

  • Migraine (with or without the headache)

Eye Pain:

Can have many different causes which require different treatments.

  • Styes

  • Corneal abrasion

  • Recurrent Corneal Erosion (pain upon awakening)

  • Iritis (inflammation of the iris which is the colored part of the eye)

  • Dry eye

  • Injury

  • Glaucoma

  • Different types of pink eye

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