During your Eye Exam at our Elmhurst, IL office, we not only prescribe for Glasses and Contact Lenses, but we examine and treat the following conditions.

  • Allergies / Conjuntivitis (pink eye)
  • Eye Pain / Headaches / Loss or blurred Vision
  • Dry Eye / Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Glaucoma / Cataracts / Macular Degeneration
  • Amblyopia / Reading issues
  • Prism prescriptions / Loss of vision
  • Spots and/or light flashes
  • Injuries / Foreign body removal


We constantly invest in the latest technology to make eye exams easier and more accurate fro everyone from toddler s to seniors , usually without the inconvenience of dilation. Over the past fifteen years, in three separate reviews by a leading consumer magazine, we were rated one of the best in Chicagoland with a consistant 90% overall patient satisfaction rating. All patients receiving an eye examination will have as a minimum the following tests:

1. Thorough Case History

Allergies, medications and systemic conditions such as Diabetes and Hypertension can affect the vision. Your current glasses or contact prescription is verified by digital lensometry. But most of all, WE LISTEN, as many condtions are diagnosed simply by taking a thorough case history.

 glasses elmhurst il
Autorefractor and tonomety

2. Computerized Auto Refractor

This technology ensures the accuracy of your prescription in just seconds with no patient input. This is so beneficial for shy toddlers and our most senior citizens.  An improper prescription can cause headaches, eyestrain and poor school performance.

3. Tonometry "Glaucoma Test"

No more annoying air puff in the eye. New technolgies gently measure the pressure inside your eye. High eye pressure can lead to glaucoma, which can lead to permanent vision loss.

4. Color Vision

Poor color vision is usually genetic, but aquired color vision loss can be the sign of neurological disese or optic nerve swelling.

5. Eye Focus and Tracking

Essential for efficient, comfortable reading which is so important for kids and learning .

6. Peripheral Vision

Critical for safe Driving. Stroke disorders can reveal themselves with this test.

7. Depth Perception

Important for Hand-Eye Coordination. This evaluation tells us how the eyes work together, again very important with children .

8. Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure and other conditions can cause permanent eye damage before any symptoms are realized.

9. Retinal Evaluation

We examine for Macular degeneration and other Retinal diseases in addition to Glaucoma and Optic Nerve disorders usually without dilation due to our Optos and OCT technology. .

10. Refraction

The doctor verifies the readings of the autorefractor and makes any necessary final adjustments to come up with the most accurate prescription for your glasses and / or contact lenses. Also evaluates for Amblyopia or "Lazy Eye"


Dilation is performed when indicated. But because of our committment in providing you with the latest diagnostic equipment, it is performed less frequently. If we feel dilation is needed to better assess your eye health, you will have the option to reschedule, as we know that dilation can be an inconvenience for some patients.

Technology available during an examination (for more details see View Our Technology)

1. OCT (Cirrus 6000 Optical Coherence Tomography)

Performs 100,000 scans/sec beneath the back of the eye.....the Optic Nerve and Macula, allowing for the earliest detection of Glaucoma and Macula Degeneration.

2. Optos California Wide Field Retinal Scanner

This is the first technology of its kind to give an unprecedented 220 degree view of the back of the eye without dilation!. Good addition for evaluating spots and floaters and numerous other Retinal and Optic Nerve diseases.

Perimeter Printout

3. Videoography

We have portable technology that enables us to video record and play back our findings so the patient or parent has a better understanding of our diagnosis and treatment plan.

4. Kowa Digital Retinal Photography

These photos allows early detection of changes to the retina from Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cataracts, and other conditions.

Macular Degeneration Cataract
Macular degeneration                                          Cataract (blurred view)

5. Zeiss Humphrey Full Threshold Visual Field

Detects vision loss form Glaucoma and other Neuro conditions such as brain tumors and aneurysms.

6. Adapt Dx by Maculogic

First technology that can detect Macular Degeneration 3-5 years before it presents itself in the eye or on other tests. We highly recommend getting a baseline evaluation if you are over 50, a past smoker, a family history of AMD, overweight or have heart disease.  The test is easy and takes about 6 minutes. Early detection of Macular degeneration is essential to treatment.

7. Topcon KR1-W Autorefractor

Automatically calculates the prescription of glasses and contacts

8. Nidek OPD Wavefront Topographer

By measuring over 1000 points on the cornea, Wavefront topography enables us to design the most comfortable, safest contact lens possible and provides unparalelled accuracy when predicting LASIK outcomes.

Skowron Eye Care Staff
Thanks for considering Skowron Eyecare. We would be honored to care for you and your family.

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