is a condition that occurs between 40-45 years of age. The lens inside the eye gradually looses its elasticity, preventing it from focusing clearly at close distances during such activities as reading.

As we age, body tissues normally lose their elasticity. A familiar sign of that process is wrinkled skin. Our eyes are not immune to that type of change. Likes wrinkles, changes in the eye fortunately do not occur overnight but gradually over a period of years.

Because of the loss of lens flexibility, it becomes more difficult for the lens to bend to the degree necessary to provide clear vision. Therefore, it becomes more difficult for the eye to focus on near objects that require a greater degree of flexibility; the eye also does not adjust well to rapid changes in focus between far and near.

When you experience a change in vision, you may feel as though it happened suddenly; but it has developed over many years. Your vision was not impaired to such a degree that it was noticed.


  • You extend your arms out to read.
  • Your vision is blurred when doing close activities such as reading, sewing, etc.
  • Headaches or fatigue occur when reading.

Presbyopia is determined through a comprehensive eye/health examination. An exact prescription is determined to enable your eyes to focus correctly close up without eyestrain.

  • Diagnosed through an eye examination
  • Treated with glasses: single vision or invisible bifocals (no line)
  • Treated with contact lenses (disposable) or bifocal contacts

The symptoms of presbyopia are ALSO the same for many other eye / systemic conditions. One should not attempt to self diagnose by simply going to the drugstore and buying magnifying glasses.

The paragraph on the right is what print looks like to someone who has presbyopia and needs reading glasses. Difficulty really begins when the print gets very small. This is a naturally occurring event which starts around 40 years of age.

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