Three Signs You Need New Glasses

Three Signs You Need New Glasses

Three Signs You Need New Glasses

Three Signs You Need New Glasses

Three Signs You Need New Glasses

Having trouble seeing as clearly with that old pair of glasses?

Have you had your glasses for a few years? If so, you might think that you see great with them; however, your vision often changes over time. This change can be gradual enough that you might not even notice; however, if you are experiencing these top three issues then it might be time to turn to our Elmhurst, IL, optometrists for new glasses.


Are you noticing frequent or recurring headaches? If so, this is one of the classic symptoms of visual changes. While you might not notice those small changes in your vision, your brain certainly does. As a result, it goes into overdrive, working its hardest to fix the issue.

Unfortunately, what you’re left with is a pretty annoying and nagging headache. If you are nearsighted you may experience headaches right around the brow line, while those who are farsighted often experience headaches if they’ve been staring at one thing too long (e.g. a computer screen). Dealing with regular headaches? It’s time for our Elmhurst, IL, eye doctor to check your vision.


While enjoying a beautiful day without sunglasses may certainly leave you squinting, if you notice that you have to squint to read traffic signs or to read a menu at a restaurant then this is a telltale sign that your vision needs to be checked. Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t aware that they are even squinting. This bad habit is a problem because squinting can actually cause long-term damage and make your vision worse since it’s putting unnecessary strain on your eyes.

Therefore, if you find yourself squinting or straining to read your computer screen or that construction sign-up ahead, then it’s time to give us a call.

Tired, Fatigued Eyes

Do you feel like your eyes are constantly feeling sore or tired? Sure, a lot of people can blame sitting in front of a computer screen all day for this problem and there are certainly only reasons including allergies that can lead to this symptom; however, if your eye fatigue lasts more than a day or two then your strained eyes could be due to an old prescription that needs to be updated.

Everyone should visit their optometrist every year to check their prescription as well as the health of their eyes. If it’s time you had your eyes checked then call Skowron Eye Care in Elmhurst, IL, to schedule your next appointment.

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