Benefits of Contact Lenses

Benefits of Contact Lenses

Benefits of Contact Lenses

Benefits of Contact Lenses

Benefits of Contact Lenses

Skowron Eye Care is here for you with a dedicated team of optometrists in Elmhurst, IL. We can help with all your eye care needs including glasses and contact lenses. Our skilled team can help outfit you with the right solution for you. Keep reading about contacts and come see us for an appointment to get contact lenses.

When you need contact lenses in Elmhurst, IL, we have over 10,000 in stock and can find the right fit for you. We have many different brands of contacts, contacts for patients with astigmatism, bifocal, and monovision contacts.

Ease of Vision

The appropriate contact lenses for you will adjust your entire visual field. When you wear glasses your vision can be obscured by the frames and leave blurry vision in your peripheral. Contact lenses correct your entire field of vision and don't get fogged up.


Contact lenses are a comfortable way to correct your vision. When contacts fit properly, you shouldn't be able to feel them in your eyes at all. You'll have a lesson at your eye doctor to learn how to put the contacts in and take them out properly without damaging them.


Glasses can get knocked around or be in the way if you're trying to wear a helmet or other eye protection for sports. Even the best-fitting glasses can be knocked off during activity or while playing sports, but contacts stay in until you take them out.

Don't Forget

There are a lot of benefits to soft, disposable contact lenses that make them a popular choice but don't forget -- they need to be replaced frequently for the best vision and best results. Talk to your doctor about the type and brand of contact you're fit with and how often they should be replaced.

The team of eye doctors at Skowron Eye Care is here to help if you're curious about getting contact lenses in Elmhurst, IL. Contact us for an appointment at (630) 834-6244.

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