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Skowron Eyecare has been providing personal, cutting-edge eye care in Elmhurst since 1983. Experience, commitment to technology, and a genuine concern for patient welfare enable all of our doctors and staff to work together as a team to consistently deliver quality, affordable eye care. Many of our staff have been with us over twenty years. Our goal is to ensure a lifetime of healthy, clear, comfortable vision by using the latest technology, from diagnosing and managing eye diseases, to in-vogue eyewear, to complex contact lenses to LASIK eye surgery. We have fit over 40,000 contact-lens patients and have gained the reputation of successfully fitting those previous contact-lens failures. We constantly invest in the latest technologies, so as to be able to deliver to you, eyecare at the highest level.

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Because we are completely dedicated in your well being and the health of your eyes, we have invested in the newest cutting edge technology in retinal imaging that reduces the need to dilate your eyes. Optos is an ultra-widefield imaging system that allows us to see a 220 degree view of the back of your eye (the retina) vs the 45 degree view of prior technology.

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