Disposable or Extended Wear

Over the years, technology has progressed so as to enable manufactures to fabricate lenses at a much reduced cost. This allows patients to wear contact lenses with more comfort and fewer complications than before, because a new lens is placed on the eye on a regularly scheduled basis. They allow patients to take multiple pairs on vacations in case of loss or damage. These lenses are much more comfortable and have enabled many previous contact lens failures to become successful wearers.

However, there are many different kinds of lenses, some better than others. It is imperative that the right lens with the right wearing schedule be fit to the eye, otherwise serious consequences may occur. As in the past, trouble occurs when trying to stretch the life span of the lens, and also by wearing an improperly fitting lens. Infection, corneal distortion or ulceration, are only some of the possible repercussions of wearing dirty, protein coated, ill fitting lenses. It has been proven, that frequent replacement of a lens greatly reduces the risk of complication and infections. We now have affordable programs that you can frequently replace your lenses, even every day if needed.

Continuous Wear Lenses

Recent advancement in materials has produced a lens that is made of silicone and resists protein. These lenses have been designed to be worn for 30 days of continuous wear. They have proven significantly superior over prior extended wear lenses. If a patient proves to be a good candidate, wearing these lenses is the closest thing to wearing no lenses at all! If interested, let one of the staff know during the pretest, so it can be determined during the examination if you would be an appropriate candidate.


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