Reasons to See an Eye Doctor

Good vision is important for everything from driving to cooking to working. If there's a problem that’s impeding or limiting your ability to see, eye doctoryou should see an optometrist for assistance as soon as possible. However, unfortunately, some people wait until the issue worsens before seeking help. Here are a few reasons why you should see an eye doctor at Skowron Eye Care in Elmhurst, IL for an exam.

Your Vision Has Been Noticeably Declining
Noticing that it’s more difficult for you to see things up close or at a distance is a potential sign of a problem that should be examined by an eye doctor. One simple way to tell that your vision is declining is that you begin to squint when you’re reading, watching television, or looking at a computer screen.

Your Prescription Glasses or Contacts Aren’t Working Anymore
Over time, you may need a different prescription for your glasses or contact lenses. If you’ve noticed that your prescription lenses aren’t working as well as they used to, it may be time for a checkup and replacement.

You’re Due for a Work-Related Exam or Driver’s Test
If your job requires you to take regular vision exams and you’re due for one soon, get ahead of things by scheduling an appointment with an eye doctor at Skowron Eye Care in Elmhurst today. An early vision exam will help you prepare in case there are issues and get any treatments required to ensure that you pass.

You’re Over 40
Patients who are over the age of 40 should go in for a general vision check. This is the age when some people start to experience eye problems like presbyopia, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

It's Been Awhile Since You've Had an Eye Check-Up
One good reason to see an eye doctor is that you haven't been in for a check-u in a long time. If you’ve had vision issues in the past, you should see your optometrist once a year. Schedule an appointment at Skowron Eye Care in Elmhurst, IL by calling (630) 834-6244 today.

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