Do I Need an Eye Exam Before Getting New Glasses?

Find out if you can actually skip the eye exam when you want to get new glasses.eye exam

So, you’ve been considering new glasses, huh? With the start of the New Year many people are figuring out different ways to change their appearance and perhaps you want to give your glasses a makeover. This is where our Elmhurst, IL, optometrists can help. Of course, many people wonder if they actually need to get an eye exam every time they want to swap out their frames. Here’s the real answer…

One important questions to ask yourself is, “Do you notice any changes to your vision?”

If you said “yes” then you are going to need to undergo an eye exam before getting new glasses. It’s important that everyone, no matter how healthy they are, gets an eye exam once a year to make sure that if there are any issues that our Elmhurst, IL, eye doctors are able to catch them before they cause serious or permanent damage to your eyes.

During your exam, we will perform a series of tests to check your vision, as well as talk to you about your current health and lifestyle to determine which kinds of glasses are best suited to your day-to-day needs.

However, we also know that there are a lot of people out there that stubbornly hang on to their glasses or don’t change them regularly. Perhaps it’s because they don’t feel like scheduling an appointment. Perhaps it’s because glasses can be rather expensive. Whatever the excuse might be, if you haven’t gotten an eye exam in the past year, then you are well overdue.

You might not even notice it, but if you are wearing old glasses regularly this could be putting unnecessary strain on your eyes, which can lead to eye discomfort, dry eyes, fatigued eyes and other issues. Why deal with these issues when a simple exam can get you the fresh new prescription you need to see more clearly?

When you come in for your eye exam it’s important to let us know that you are interested in replacing your old glasses. Even if you get reading glasses over-the-counter at your local drugstore, you should still be coming in for regular exams to make sure nothing has changed with your prescription.

Plus, eyewear is constantly changing, which means the unique features and offerings that weren’t even possible a year or two ago are now possible. Anything that can improve the way you see is a major benefit for those who wear glasses (or even contact lenses).

Whether you are dealing with eye problems or you just want to schedule your annual eye exam, turn to the specialists at Skowron Eye Care to provide you with the gentle and comprehensive eye care you’ve been looking for.

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