Do I Need to Replace My Contact Lense Case?

According to the Vision Council of America, about 75% of adults actively use some kind of vision correction. This staggering number contact lensesmeans that there are many individuals who need to care for contact lenses. Being familiar with the best way to care for your contact lenses can help you keep your eyes healthy and functioning well for years to come. Learn more about contact lens maintenance and what makes it important with Dr. Mark Skowron, Dr. Kerry John, Dr. Lavender Streiff, and Dr. Neelam Patadia at Skowron Eye Care in Elmhurst, IL.

How should I care for my contact lenses? 
According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, caring for your contact lenses and their case correctly can help avoid eye infection. Always wash your hands with soap and water before taking out or putting in your contact lenses. Never rinse or store your contact lenses in normal water, only contact lens solution. Always place your lenses into fresh solution in a clean case. Rinse the case out with contact solution instead of plain water and allow the case to air dry. Wear your lenses according to the schedule set out by your eye doctor.

Do I need to replace my contact lens case? 
You should replace your contact lens case at least once every three months. Always clean your case every day with contact solution and ensure that it air dries between uses. Use fresh solution daily in which to store your contacts. Avoid storing your lenses for an extended amount of time and always throw the case and contacts away after 30 days without disinfecting them. Never use a cracked, dirty, or broken case.

Eye Examinations in Elmhurst, IL 
Caring for your eyes themselves is just as important as caring for your contacts and their case. Always remove your contact lenses immediately if you experience discomfort. If you have redness, blurry vision, swelling, or other painful symptoms, contact your optometrist right away. See your eye doctor for regular eye examinations at least once a year.

For more information on caring for your contact lenses, please contact Dr. Skowron, Dr. John, Dr. Steriff, and Dr. Patadia at Skowron Eye Care in Elmhurst, IL. Call (630) 834-6244 to schedule your appointment with your optometrist today!

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