Are Contacts Right for You?

Many people who wear glasses wonder if contacts are a good option for them. The optometry team at Skowron Eye Care in Elmhurst, IL, contacthas many patients who visit their practice asking this question. Regardless of the vision correction you need, contacts are likely available to help you see more clearly and conveniently. Read on to learn more about contacts and how they can benefit you!


What are the advantages of wearing contacts?

Although glasses are often considered fashionable these days, many people still don't like the way they change their appearance. Others have jobs or activities that require a lot of physical activity, and glasses get in the way. Contacts are convenient to travel with, easy to apply, and simple to care for, as rinsing them each day with a cleaning solution or using daily disposables is all that's necessary to keep them free of debris and bacteria.


Who should not wear contacts?

The good news is that most people—9 out of 10, according to the Prevent Blindness Foundation—can wear contacts as a matter of preference. There are, however, certain conditions may prevent contact use. Those who have been diagnosed with chronic dry eye (often a symptom of diabetes, thyroid conditions, or rheumatoid arthritis) will often find wearing contacts to be uncomfortable and ineffective. Additionally, if you have severe, uncontrolled allergies that include itchy, watery eyes, your contact lenses may not stay in place and may further irritate your eyes. If your job includes exposure to a lot of dirt, dust, or smoke, contacts may not be appropriate for you, as well. Your Elmhurst optometrist will discuss your options with you at your consultation.


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