AdaptDx for Macular Degeneration (AMD)

This is the only technology that can diagnose macular degeneration (AMD) up to 3 years BEFORE it shows up in an regular eye exam. The cells in your eye that help you see in the dark (called rods), are the first part of the eye that is affected by Macular degeneration. This test has the concept as walking into a dark theater from outside. Your eyes take a minute or so to adjust, and then you can begin to see in the dark. With macular degeneration, the ability of the eye to adjust quickly from light to dark is impaired. The Adapt Dx test measures the number of munutes it takes your vision to adjust to darkness and compares it to normative database. The end result is know as the Rod Intercept (RI). If the RI measures greater than 6.5, then that is indicative of underlying macular degeneration. If that occurs, then it is recommended to return for an extended version of the test to get a baseline reading so as to be able to monitor any future progression,

If it is determined that you have the early signs of macular degeneration, lifestyle changes are recommended as follows.

  • STOP SMOKING: #1 risk factor that can slow up AMD progression
  • Increase intake of dark greens and fish such as spinich, kale, broccoli and salmon
  • Excercise; cardio
  • Maintain good cholesterol and blood pressure readings
  • Quality sunglasses with Ultraviolet A and B protection
  • Addition of specific eye vitamins containing Lutein and Zeaxanthin

This test should be perfomed if

  • You have noticed a harder time with night vison
  • Over 50 and family history of AMD (There are easy genetic tests that can determine if you have the AMD gene)
  • Been told macular changes were noted in your exam

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